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Great Lawn
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Ellis Island
QuickTime version
A Hospital & Administration Building (North side)
B Hospital & Administration Building (South side)
C Great Lawn
D Hospital Wards (North side)
E Staff House
F Hospital Wards (South side)
G Between Hospital Wards (South side)
H Dining Room
I Baggage  Room
J Dormitory Room
K Children's Rooftop Playground

Ellis Island
before Stabilization
360° Virtual Tour

Photographed Spring, 1999



Virtual Tour of Ellis Island by Jim Galvin

Also available in a QuickTime Version.

Aerial photograph by The U.S. Geological Survey

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Children's Rooftop Playground Hospital Wards (South side) Staff House Between Hospital Wards (South side) Hospital Wards (North side) Great Lawn Hospital & Administration Bldg (South side) Hospital & Administration Bldg (North side) Baggage  Room Baggage  Room Dining Room